Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today is Thursday 26, February

So, this weeks blog is a little depressing. I am writing about my car once again, and this time its not bragging on it. So as many of my class mates know, I went on a short vacation last weekend. My time away was well spent but my car was a little jealous. We landed and I got in my car to drive home and my car began to hum  and my steering wheel started to shake! Yay!!!!! I know right! So, my philosophy is that it is mad at me! lol I have made an Apt. with the garage for next Tues. so hopefully I can find the problem!
Wish me luck!!! And hope it's not too expensive.


  1. You wouldn't have a problem if you drove a HONDA!!! haha kidding. Hopefull it's nothing serious. Good luck with that.

  2. Yea it sucks when your car breaksdown, I think my car has a gas leak. Good luck with getting your csr fixed, and it would be nice if it was not that expenaive.

  3. I know how that feels. I had a car like that. that when ever i got in the car it would never start or it would make a funny sound. I finally got a new car because i was tired of hearing the sound and i didn't want to be in a neighborhood where i should break down in (which would be my luck) Well hopefully it will be nothing.