Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blogging is a new, vast way to let yourself be heard and have endless possibilities. A blog is kept online and is also referred to as a weblog. Blogs are an online journal, they can be informal of events or news, they c

an have music or video on them or they can be kept for a fun way to express yourself and let your words be heard from any place the world wide is assessable.

Who knew going into an English class, the curriculum would be centered around blogging? In my winter quarter 109.02 English class, we had to think of a topic for a blog that we would keep for a 10 wee

k period in the class. Wondering what I loved most that would keep my interest peaked for the duration of the class, I chose to blog about the BMW E46 and titled my blog e46 Blogger.


I recently bought a used BMW 328i. My four door sedan was built on the e46 chassis or frame. My excitement  for this car is overflowing, blogging about it for 10 weeks seemed effortless to me and keep me interested. Throughout the last ten weeks my car an I have been through a lot and in the last two weeks I’ve put over $1200 into it. Set aside the cost, the car and I are still rolling. 

This class has really opened my eyes to this new way of writing. I had heard of blogs, and may be seen a few but never got into the whole blogging idea. Now, with it being a requirement for my class, I had too. Throughout the last weeks my experience with blogging has been fun, although my words where available online, I didn’t get any hits from outside my class on any of my blog posts. I know this is mainly my fault, you have to comment to get a comment. My blog was ok, and could have been much better. Looking back, I wish I would have spent more time on it 

This sums up blogging for my class, thank you for your time.


(P.S. Kudos Mr. Boczkowski, it’s been a pleaser)

Friday, March 13, 2009

          Today is Friday the 13th!!!!! Last week we where assigned to guest blog for one another in our class. I was given a blog from a girl in my class and I had to write a bog post for her acting as if it was her that had written it. Tracy Woodward was my chosen person. Tracy had to pose as if she where me and she did an ok job, she looked at what I had mainly written about an made a post about cars, and car problems. 

I'm sure it was awkward for her to pose as a guy and match my style, but she nailed it on the topic!

This experience is a much need exercise, it allows us to step in a hole different world, and see a different perspective from other people.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Car problems! Let me tell you something, there not fun and everyone has issues with their car at some point. For instants, I had car problems a bit back and I had to borrow a friends back up car. Now there was a reason they used it as there back up car. There was not heat or air, windows didn’t roll down, the radio didn’t work, the side door was taped on, and you had to hit the unlock button at the same time as you pulled the door handle to get it open.

However, I had no choice and I took the ride. When you have a lot of running to do in your day you will take what you get. When I got the car I notice the tags on it were expired so in order to use it I had to buy new ones, so there goes 50 bucks out of my pocket. On the way to get tags I ran out of gas; luckily someone was following me. As she picked me up so than decided to tell me the gas gage was broken. So I put gas in the car along with buying the tags. I was not a happy camper at this point.

So the point of the story is, I learned a lesson along this road. I learned to always appreciate what you got because it can always get worst.