Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today is Thursday 26, February

So, this weeks blog is a little depressing. I am writing about my car once again, and this time its not bragging on it. So as many of my class mates know, I went on a short vacation last weekend. My time away was well spent but my car was a little jealous. We landed and I got in my car to drive home and my car began to hum  and my steering wheel started to shake! Yay!!!!! I know right! So, my philosophy is that it is mad at me! lol I have made an Apt. with the garage for next Tues. so hopefully I can find the problem!
Wish me luck!!! And hope it's not too expensive.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogger Response

Today is Friday, 20Th of February,

Today's blog is in response of another student in my class. I have chosen to follow up on "Till Death Do Us Part". This Blog is all about a relationship and relationships in general. Last weeks blog was about the "Top 3" ways, characteristics that can make a relationship work, in the bloggers opinion. I have chosen this blog because I believe what he is saying is true, you need:

  1. Trust- without trust no relationship can work, you have to be able to be able to believe in someone.

  2. Forget The Past- forgetting the past is another "most do". What we did in our past shouldn't stop us in our future.

  3. Sense of Humor- For me, this is what it's all about! I live on a sense of humor, if i didn't then i would go insane, you have to be able to just stop an laugh, life's too short to live all grumpy.

So, I know that's not all that can make a relationship work, but its a good start, and if all these attribute are present, then you can bet on a life full of happiness!

Friday, February 13, 2009

BMW 5 Series VS Pontiac G8

This  is outrageous, where does GM get off thinking they can compare one of there vehicles to a BMW? I have personally driven a G8 and gave it all it all I could, it was powerful but it still resembled the cheap pontiac that produced it. I couldn't  believe it when the salesmen told me it was being compared to a BMW 5 series, the stats are numbers, but the true quality in a BMW, looks and performance unsurpassed any Pontiac.

 Some fun facts 
  1. The Pontiac G8 GT has a base price of $30,000-The luxurious  5 Series starts at $58,500
  2. The german manufacturer managed to squeeze out 360 ponies from their V8 4.8L, while the american automaker managed to the same horsepower, but from a 6.0L engine.
The price between the two is a little different, but it comes down to buying QUALITY instead of JUNK.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Transition

Blogging is an assignment in my English class. The assignment is to write many stories on a webpage. On mine, I will discuss the car and others like it. BMW’s 3 series e46 is an outstanding automobile. My car is one of the true examples of the quality and craftsmanship that BMW puts in there vehicles. My love for Bimmers has increased as I have grown older. Not too long ago I got the opportunity to sell my current car and buy a BMW, through many road blocks, I stand here today, the proud owner of one. I want to tell the story of how I got mine, where it stands today and how it won me over.

In September of 2008, I decided to sell my Ford Mustang, don’t get me wrong, it was a beauty, black with black rims, I had it looking nice. I had it for two years; the mileage was getting up there (for an American car). So I decided it was time to say goodbye. I put it up for sale on a Wednesday in my local neighborhood and by Friday I didn’t have any serious buyers. I had heard of this online selling, buying, wanted etc. web page.  Therefore, I decided post my car online on Saturday morning and by that night I had a buyer at my house ready for pickup, no negotiating or anything. They offered what I was asking, so off they went. 

Now, car less, I was on a mission. I had always wanted a foreign car, so I went online to start searching. I didn’t know what I wanted at first, but once I started looking at cars, and seeing what was available, I narrowed my search to the 3 series. Now knowing what I wanted, and having money hot in my pocket, I began looking at the four door 3 series. Since I didn’t sell the Mustang for much, I only had a little to buy my next one. I was looking at 1994 to 1998 e36 body style because for what they were selling for I could buy without having to add money. Throughout many hours of searching and searching, I hadn’t found anything that really jumped out at me.

Now Tuesday had come by and my father was leaving for vacation. It would be a week before I would be able to do anything; and a week without a car. Just my luck, I find my dream car! A 1999 BMW 328i, this car was amazing, black, with a shine that would hurt your eyes, this car was the classic, amazing, utmost luxury sedan that BMW had offered, and me, Kyle Edwards was just about to get it. This model was the first style for the new 3 series, and the similar body style had stayed the same till 2005 (keep in mind, that it undertook minor changes). I called my dad and told him about this unbelievable deal, and described the car, and as dads are, he asked me about the car and started to get my hopes up, and then he shoots them down. He tells me he’s not going to do anything while he’s on vacation. OK, so my heart just sunk, this car was an amazing deal, and I wasn’t able to do anything because my dad wasn’t in town. Might as well kiss it goodbye! How could a deal like that stick around till I could act on it? Well, the week slowly goes by and I keep calling the dealership, and every time they still have the car. My dad gets back on Sunday and the next day he wants to go look at the car. Bright and early Monday we get up and go look at the car. Pulling up the drive I see it, I couldn’t believe that was it, one of my dream cars before my eyes. It was almost too good to be true, the car looked perfect! We chat with the sales representatives and set out for a  drive, prier, going through my head was, this car must drive like crap, or it doesn’t run right, I went through every possibility, scenario, everything. The car drove like a dream.  We soon get back at the dealership and make the purchase!

Today, 8,000 miles later, the car is still perfect. My car has 155,XXX miles on it and it runs and drives like it was driven off the lot yesterday! My car is one true example the quality and craftsmanship BMW puts in their cars! Any American car with that many miles on it, may look like mine and even drive like it, but it’s hard to find one, and it’s been babied all its life. I expected my car to need a little elbow grease but it didn’t! This car makes me a believer on foreign automobiles, and I plan to own one for the rest of my life, the prices are higher (not much) but enough to make a difference, I’m willing to give it, you just can’t beat the quality in them.


Today is February 6th, 2009, and today I will write a little about the history of the BMW 3  series. First, the BMW 3 series was introduced in May of 1975. It has been produced in five different generations in no less than five different body styles. 

E21 Generation years 1975-1983

 E30 Generation years 1982-1990

E36 Generation years 1991-1998

E46 Generation years 1999-2004

E90/91/92/93, 2005 to present 

Each year BMW improved the design each year up to today, as you can see I have the E46 body style. The start of this body is my favorite, and todays model is elegant but its still growing on me.