Friday, February 13, 2009

BMW 5 Series VS Pontiac G8

This  is outrageous, where does GM get off thinking they can compare one of there vehicles to a BMW? I have personally driven a G8 and gave it all it all I could, it was powerful but it still resembled the cheap pontiac that produced it. I couldn't  believe it when the salesmen told me it was being compared to a BMW 5 series, the stats are numbers, but the true quality in a BMW, looks and performance unsurpassed any Pontiac.

 Some fun facts 
  1. The Pontiac G8 GT has a base price of $30,000-The luxurious  5 Series starts at $58,500
  2. The german manufacturer managed to squeeze out 360 ponies from their V8 4.8L, while the american automaker managed to the same horsepower, but from a 6.0L engine.
The price between the two is a little different, but it comes down to buying QUALITY instead of JUNK.


  1. Haha, you crack me up. Both are pretty flashy cars and personally, I wouldn't be able to afford either or. But I do believe you pay for what you get and I'm almost postive the BMW has everything you need. I am a fan of GM but when its being campared to BMW there is no camparison.

  2. THANK YOU Fitz! glade to see your on my side, although GM's comercials are a little funny, I'll give them that!

  3. Lol, that was pretty funny. I haven't or probably would not be able to drive either of them cars, they are too pricey. But I do agree BMW is better than GM.

  4. haha You are funny. lol
    i would still take either. haha!
    some pretty nice looking automobiles!<(ha! german orgin!) lol